A new way to engage & reach out to your employees when providing employee services. The importance of context is well known while offering services. That is why all our offerings are contextual. After all, what we offer should make sense to the end user.

Mobile is your key

Why to carry access cards when you have your mobile always with you? JustZaap makes your mobile your official access card for seamless door access.

Attendance & Leave

Non intrusive attendance system which marks attendance automatically when an employee arrives. Remote attendance for work from home & travelling employees.

Visitor Management

Impress your visitors by providing them with temporary door access and wifi. Save them from lengthy security checks. Get notified once your guest arrives.

Corporate Phonebook

You need more details about your coworkers than just phone numbers. Our phonebook provide extra information such as in time, current location etc. so that you can easily locate them.

Expense Claim

No need to keep a record of physical bills anymore. Just capture your bills from mobile and get the reimbursement on the go.

Cab Booking

Your employees can book a business ride for themselves. Just define the business policy for it and do away with arranging cabs for your employees.

Food Ordering

Your employees can order food for business purpose for themselves. Just define the business policy for it and simplify your food facility management.

Corporate Offers

Handy corporate offers at one place. Smart notification when your employee is at a location where it is applicable so that they don’t miss out on it.


Send notifications, announcements and important notices to your employees with just few clicks. You can reach out to your employees anytime.

Why JustZaap?

There are plenty of reasons why you should use our product, here are some of them!

Employee Convenience

A single app for door access, expenses, inviting visitors, locating or contacting coworkers and availing other services. Convenience comes by enabling.

Save Time

Save time by automating your facility management with JustZaap. We offer all services on mobile for quick decisions and actions.

Save Money

Save upto 50% on cost of corporate cab booking alone. Manage your growing employee services without adding more people to your team. Refer our pricing to get a pleasant surprise.

Impress Visitor

Provide your visitors temporary door access and wifi and impress them. Also save them from lengthy security checks.

Easy Audit

JustZaap records everything digitally. It becomes easier to audit your visitor log and expense claims with handy searchable digital records.


You will always be in better control of security as you can configure access restrictions, monitor reports remotely, detect suspicious activities and get real time employee headcount.

Employee Retention

Improve employee satisfaction by giving them control and information when they need it. Happy employees results in better retention.

Save Paper

With JustZaap go digital for all your employee services. Get rid of all your paper bills & processes. Go paperless and help save environment.

Future Ready

Be ready to scale as you grow. Show off your tech savviness to your employees and visitors.


Best part of our product is the pricing. We understand how important is cost for you and that’s why we have come up with this pricing plan. Why pay more when you can get it for less.

About Us

JustZaap was born out of frustration of using decade old employee softwares that suck. We always wondered why as an employee we were made to use multiple portals to avail different services. Also they were not smart enough to understand the context thus making it worse for the user. We decided to change this by creating a solution which would provide all employee services through one app, be smart enough to understand the context and most importantly mobile. We created JustZaap, a powerful tool for employees to access and avail all services on their fingertips.

Meet our founding team!


Pavan Mulik


Pavan is a passionate designer with a drive to solve problems which exist in everyday life. He has more than 10 years of industry experience which includes working as UX design head for Talentica Softwares. He has successfully designed & delivered several startup products over last few years. Pavan holds a Masters degree from India’s premier design institute, National Institute of Design and a BE from Mumbai university.


Sushant Pradhan


Sushant has more than 10 years of industry experience including working as Sr. Principal Engineer for Talentica Software. A hard core programmer who loves to experiment, innovate and build contextual Information Systems. Sushant did his B.Tech from National Institute of Technology, Calicut. When not working he is found either playing cricket or debating on any topic under the sun.


Anurag Gupta


Anurag is a technophile who loves to convert ideas to viable business models. He has gained more than 8 years of start up experience working with Talentica Software and Docplexus. He is an electronics engineer from Indian Institute of Technology (BHU), Varanasi. Anurag is a sports aficionado and plays tennis.

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